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Oct 05

Rodeo Bull Hire

A Rodeo Bull provides as much fun and laughter for the spectators as it does for the rider, as the rider tries to stay on the bucking, spinning  bull as long as they can.    Riders of all ages can enjoy the Bull all we ask is that they can climb aboard under there own steam.  Our Rodeo Bulls all come with a trained operator controlling the speed at there discretion – from a gentle ride to a real ‘hang on for dear life’ experience – with the riders landing on the soft inflatable when they come tumbling down. The rodeo bull is fully computerised with a large digital read out for all to see the time of each ride ticking away.

An alternative to the Rodeo Bull is the Surf board simulator! Good for all those want a be surfers. The Rodeo Bull can be used indoors or outdoors. The inflatable takes up an area of 18ft x 18ft but ideally an area of 20ft x 20ft is required.   Our Rodeo Bull is fully insured.

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