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Oct 05

Express Casino Hire (DIY)

Our DIY casino games come with or without croupiers. Wherever you are in the UK, we can still provide a casino entertainment package.

Our Services include

  • Delivery & Collection
  • Up to 5 days Hire
  • Unlimited Casino Fun Money
  • Itinerary Sheet
  • Full Instructions on Set-Up & How to Croupier the Game
  • Help line number from 10am to 1am for one date of your choice

Additional Services

Professional Croupiers
Wherever, you are in the UK, we can still provide professional croupiers to attend your event.

Croupier Trainer
Will guide the volunteer croupiers on how to become the croupiers themselves, before the event takes place.

Casino Manager
He will assist your volunteer croupiers with the casino games, and will be on hand to support at all times on the night of your event to ensure efficient management from start to finish.

How does it Work?
We provide all the casino game accessories such as, Roulette wheel, casino chips, cash chips, cards, cardholders, casino fun money, game rules & how to set-up etc

The only thing we do not provide is the genuine casino tables. You provide the tables & we will lay our genuine casino baize on top of the table/s. With our authentic gaming accessories that we provide as part of this package, your event will be transformed, adding excitement & glamour.

Have fun being the croupiers yourselves, or hire the professional croupiers from us!

DIY Games Available:

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Casino Stud Poker
  • Texas Holde’m Poker

All DIY casino games can be collected or delivered by our couriers.

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